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If you read this blog then you know I LOVE music. I love discovering new artists, whether they are fresh on the scene or just new to me. I am on Spotify all day every day making playlists, looking up artists, seeing what artists are recommended based on my listening, etc. etc. etc. Well I discovered a gem called Aries. He hasn’t revealed his real name, at least not that I’ve found. But this is why I love him.

He “followed his dreams and shit” – his own words! He said when he was younger he had bad anxiety and couldn’t leave his house because he thought he was going to die. He said, “Now we’re playing sold out shows.” The crowd went wild. All of this I experienced via YouTube. Once I find an artist I like, I DIVE in. I watch every YouTube performance, read music articles, just immerse myself in the artist. He’s overseas now following his dreams and shit and he inspires me to do the same.

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