“The loneliest place is a lonely marriage,” my counselor Paige told me. I knew she was right then, and her words ring true to me at this very moment. Is this just a challenge of marriage, feeling hatred toward my spouse, or is this “the lonely place”?

Trust can’t be “re-built.” My opinion. Once it’s gone, it’s just a scar that will exist forever, and that you can come across at any time, and then you’re reminded of how you came to get the scar in the first place. Forgive and forget becomes impossible.

How do you forgive? Truly forgive? I have to forgive my spouse daily – is this common? I witnessed aggression between my mother and Joel. I witnessed what is defined as domestic violence. Of course, the worst of it I talked about in a recent podcast with Motherless Daughters Ministry. I don’t know how healthy marriages work. I certainly know that violence is not the answer. But, how do you communicate to your spouse something serious without it ending in an argument?

Trying to find joy,


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