My mood fluctuates, that’s no surprise. The other day was bad. Today was good. That’s normal, right? I can’t expect to have a good day everyday…or can I? Can I expect to have “rad” days (as rated on my mood tracker) everyday? I suppose I can. But will I? (Not will I have rad days but rather will I expect to have rad days.)

My day is going to unfold how it unfolds. But a lot of it is in my control. I can control my thoughts (with effort, but I can do it). I can control my actions. I can control the words I speak. If I think and act and speak from a place of truth and love that is such powerful, positive energy to build up around myself. And God/the Universe rewards such truth and love. The positive energy keeps building in the Universe, and the small dot that is my life receives good things in return.

Why truth and love? Well, truth and love was a part of today’s Rituals for Transformation message. “What happens when you use words that are aligned with Truth and Love?” the authors ask. Well, amazing things. So if amazing things happen from what I speak, you better believe I’m aligning actions, behavior, thoughts, habits, etc. with Truth and Love as well. What would that look like? Living from a place of truth and love. I was just about to write “I wouldn’t even know where to begin” but that’s false. I have begun. I’m on Day 23 of Rituals for Transformation. That is a great beginning. I’m sharing my life on this blog. That alone is filled with my truth. I’m standing in it, all that I was once ashamed about, mistakes that have affected me long-term – I am standing in it. And I’m sharing it. Why?

Sharing my truth is freeing. It brings me so much peace. Giving myself grace for stupid things I’ve done and said has brought me relief from the huge boulders I carry on my shoulders. And the shame has lessened, which imo is the best result from sharing my truth. My shame is no longer leading the way of my thoughts and beliefs, and I am proud of who I have become in spite of challenges, whether I caused those challenges or not. Like, when I was 15 I got a job at Dairy Queen because “all my friends worked there” is what I told my mother. I developed a crush on a guy named Charles. He quit soon after I started so the crush was short lived but I continued working there for the summer. I used to be so embarrassed that I ever worked at Dairy Queen. At least I worked. I didn’t expect money to come to me; I knew I had to earn it. That job ended bad, like so many jobs of mine when I was younger. You can basically start a sentence with “When I was younger” and then insert anything negative or bad that you can think – I likely did it, or was somehow involved. That’s the paranoia coming out in me. I’ll begin to have racing thoughts of negative scenarios if I continue down that rabbit hole. So, I’m going to wrap this up.

Today was a good day. A good day bordering on rad (an improvement) instead of bordering on meh (the lower mood). I’ve had a few good days this week. My mood and outlook seem to be improving. I have an idea of the things that may be helping, which I’ll go over tomorrow. For now, sleep.

With rad joy,


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