I am an avid listener to Joyce Meyer’s audio podcasts of her television and radio programs. Jesus speaks to me so clearly through her messages. And, Joyce Meyer speaks often about her childhood – she came from a horrible, broken place…and through it all she didn’t just survive, but she travels the world spreading the word of God. Now, if that is not a true testament to God’s grace and mercy and strength, then I do not know what is.

I encourage you to listen to Joyce Meyer, either on television, the radio, her podcasts, and I’m sure even her website has free downloads of her programs. She tells it like it is, and really gets down into our faults, but tells about our endless capabilities. I just really, really am so thankful that I caught one of her television programs a little over a decade ago.

I had just got home from running at the gym, and I was getting ready for work. I turned on the television and was flipping through the channels when I heard this voice! Joyce Meyer even jokes about her voice, how it is deep and not “cutesy, girly”, but it is what drew me to continue watching her program. Again, God used something that could be considered as a downfall or set back to spread His love, and literally change the world.

Well, ever since that early morning accidental viewing of Joyce’s program, I was hooked, and I have come to understand and love God more.

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

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