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Lackluster. That’s the best way to describe how I feel on this leg of the journey of my Rituals for Transformation reading. I say “this leg of the journey” because previously I was feeling great, I noticeably felt well all around. The messages I’m reading are completely flipping the script that has been running through my brain since childhood. I’m reading messages that tell me I am enough, I am not my body and today’s was resentment obscures my vision. When I think about it, I hold a lot of resentment toward a good amount of people. I feel I was “wronged” in various situations. And maybe I was. But don’t let those peeps keep wronging me, keep winning. Move on and find peace. Those I resent are, for the most part, no longer a part of my life. So by holding on to resentment, I’m holding on to the past, negative pieces of the past.

I’m going to list my resentments, one by one by one. And work through them. Why am I holding on to these resentments? What purpose is it serving me? What would life be like if I worked through these resentments once and for all? These are the questions I’m going to dive into.

Until tomorrow.

With joy,


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