My Instagram feed told me that Michelle Obama just turned 57. Some may say she’s at the peak of her life. Her beauty, inside and out, is so apparent. And she is beautiful. She is America.

Then I got to thinking, I’ll be that age in 20 years. I was just journaling “what do I want to do with my life?” and literally contemplating where I’m going to go. Am I writing a book? Am I going back to school so I can work with sea mammals? Am I going to foster children? Am I going to really, truly go to Africa? Am I going to run this marathon? These are my dreams and I doubt I can make them come true. They’ll forever be dreams that eventually turn into “would’ve” and “should’ve” but didn’t.

What’s my excuse? I don’t have enough time? Is TWENTY YEARS enough time to make at least one of those dreams come true? Am I going to let my depression rule me for another TWENTY YEARS? So much can happen in twenty years.

Are we connecting here? I feel like I’m connecting with someone. At least ONE other person in this world feels these same ways? Instead of hiding them like I’m programmed to do, I’m freeing them. These are my thoughts, this is what happens when you give a soul a voice.

Oh, I titled this “Sunrise” because that song was playing as I wrote this blog post. Artist is Caye.

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