This could easily be titled The Twitter Effect. And maybe it should be. I manage my company’s social media accounts and I noticed that I feel really good when our analytics show we’re getting a lot of exposure. And if these tweets don’t get likes then I feel myself getting down. I experience a loss of energy when a tweet doesn’t do well. The same for my personal Instagram page. If my Instagram posts get zero likes I feel worthless. I need validation that I’m living life well and if I’m living my life well then I’m going to show you everyday with a new Instagram story. We know those people. Some of us are those people. I’m slightly being a hater.

So why is Instagram the bar upon which I measure success? I need you to physically touch that heart in order to keep mine from falling apart. And when did this happen? When I think back to when I first started my Instagram account, I felt my moods falling in line with how well or how not well a post was doing. So I know when, I just don’t know why. Do you feel this Instagram Effect? I’ll go into it more if anyone is interested.

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