Can there be growth without struggle?

I switch back and forth between contentment, anger, and sadness. One constant is that I always feel blessed. How can I feel sad and blessed at the same time? I really don’t understand my emotions. I have a lot of really good things happening in my life, yet the sadness and often detachment remains. Maybe this is my cross to bear — managing and understanding my conflicting emotions.

God feels very far away. My Christian “practice”, for lack of a better word, has been paused for some time now. There is a church down the street that I have thought about going to many times, but have yet to go. Why isn’t God leading me there? I don’t feel led anywhere. Where is He?

Then, there’s my ADHD management combined with my addictive personality makes taking habit-forming medication difficult. I found that my “key” hours of high productivity take place 2-3 hours after taking my Vyvanse. But it’s supposed to work throughout the day. Not long after taking it, I soon find myself antsy and it’s hard to stay on task It’s like something in my body is suppressing all of this “good” that is trying to run through me. What is that something?

As I sit here writing, I see that I am experiencing struggle. Does this mean I am growing? I don’t feel like I’m growing. But until I started writing this, I didn’t think I was struggling either. The stakes are so high right now; there is a lot to be lost if I break. I don’t know how close I am to breaking, or if I’m even close at all. Is this anxiety? Is this premonition? I’m surprised at the number of question marks that are in this post.

My doctor said that journaling is a good thing, that it will help with my anxiety and sadness. But today it’s opened a wound that I have to deal with for the rest of the day, while trying to be an adult, with laundry and cleaning and preparing for the week ahead needing to be done. Maybe I was better off in the dark, thinking that I wasn’t struggling and wondering if I was still growing.

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