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About two weeks ago I began Ketamine IV therapy for treatment-resistant depression as well as for anxiety and suicidal ideation. Prior to treatment, I was thinking about killing myself every day. I had a plan, I had written my letters to friends and family, I just had to muster up the courage to do it. During an appointment with my psychiatrist, I asked him what he thought about ketamine therapy. “I’ve heard great things about it and the results are supposed to be phenomenal,” Dr. H said. Less than a week later I was receiving my first IV of low-dose ketamine at a ketamine infusion center about 30 minutes away from my home. The results – phenomenal is an understatement. After the second infusion my urge and desire to kill myself had subsided. My fourth infusion is tomorrow. I’m still feeling some depression, but it’s not anywhere close to what I was feeling. My depression and suicidal thoughts were so bad that I lost my job – I was suffering immensely, and so was my performance at work. I’m fortunate that I can take the last two months of the year to take care of my mental health before hopping on the job hunting wagon.

If your depression isn’t responding to antidepressants I highly recommend ketamine infusion therapy. You don’t have to continue suffering. You don’t have to continue fighting off thoughts of self-harm. There is another way. There is hope.

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