I have one little task on my to-do list that I have been putting off…and putting off…..and, well you get the idea. And…surprisingly it’s the one thing that I have been so dedicated to keeping up with – working out…specifically running!

Over a decade ago, I was at the 20 mile mark for my marathon training. I completed a half marathon in mid-November 2008, ran 16 miles on Thanksgiving Day, and was set to run 20 miles with the training group in the beginning of December 2008. Then, I just got burnt out – which is understandable by non-runners, and totally unacceptable by fellow marathon trainees. I continued to work out and run leisurely, but not with the same consistency and longevity as when I was training.

So, 2024 is my marathon year. I’m up to 4.5 miles since the beginning of this year. And a full year of training feels very doable considering I have an old foot injury that flared up when I first began running again this year.

The time is NOW to get back in the swing of running…for miles, and miles, and miles!

With joy,


Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash

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