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The Daughter Journey

egret, flying, fog

Feb 22 2021

Quiet Breath

I’m sitting outside. It’s nighttime; it’s quiet. I imagine the neighborhood kids are already in bed, along with their parents and pets. It’s nighttime; it’s quiet. …

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rose, red, smoke

Feb 20 2021

Laying it out there

I attended an emotionally absent mother (EAM) 6-week course offered by Motherless Daughters Ministry in October with the intention of opening up my space, my heart …

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floor, hallway, corridor

Jan 18 2021

The Instagram Effect

This could easily be titled The Twitter Effect. And maybe it should be. I manage my company’s social media accounts and I noticed that I feel …

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tulip, leaf, flower

Jan 17 2021


My Instagram feed told me that Michelle Obama just turned 57. Some may say she’s at the peak of her life. Her beauty, inside and out, …

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Jan 12 2021


The thing is there’s nothing particularly interesting or unique about me. I’ve just fucked up a lot of times and I want to share my experiences …

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