Giving up things of the world

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I just want to float away. It seems too easy to be that easy – you can just leave all the pain behind and no longer be in pain even though you’ve floated away from everyone who loves you?

There’s just something about her

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I’m on a journey. I guess you could call it a daughter journey. Some days I forget that I’m a daughter (I also have no contact …

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108 Day Journey

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“Let me know, let me know when I’ve got room to run” – Dermot Kennedy I’m very much moved by music. I easily cry during my …

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Winter in Spring

soap bubble, frost, snow

“Feels like winter follows you around.” There’s a song by Dermot Kennedy and that is a line in one of his songs. I relate to that …

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On the journey of med adherence

I’ve been trying to find a way to say without saying that I have a problem taking prescription drugs as prescribed. I overtake the uppers to …

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